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Lodge Program – What is a LODGE?

A Lodge is an affordable dwelling for up to 6 people who share in running the home, including domestic chores and the purchase and preparation of food. The residents make their own house rules and manage their own activities.

The Lodge program at Prairie Harvest Mental Health is designed to follow the Fairweather Lodge Model. This is a national model developed by Dr. George Fairweather for adults with persistent mental illness. This model is currently implemented in 10 states, including North Dakota. The primary philosophy driving this model is that people that live together and work together can more easily recover and find stability for the long term.

What is Prairie Harvest Mental Health Like?

Prairie Harvest Mental Health supervises one Lodge in Grand Forks:  Harvest Lodge. This Lodge has the capacity to accommodate 6 individuals in private bedrooms. The Lodge resembles a healthy family, with each member contributing to the maintenance and care of the house and of each other. Staff presences at the Lodge is very minimal. Their role is mainly to mentor, advise, mediate and help out in emergencies.

How do I refer someone to the Prairie Harvest Mental Health Lodge Program?

Referrals can be self- referral, family members, professionals, etc.  Please reach out to our staff or find our application here.