Thrivent Choice Dollars


Are you a  member of Thrivent Financial who’s eligible to direct Choice Dollars®?

Thrivent Choice is a charitable grant program that can make a world of difference to our organization as we work together to provide housing and mental health wellness programs to adults with serious mental illness by directing Thrivent Choice Dollars, eligible Thrivent Financial members have the power to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes some of its charitable grant funds each year, by choosing from thousands of enrolled 501 (c)(3) organizations.

Directing Choice Dollars is easy. Simply go to to learn more and find program terms and conditions. Or call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” after the prompt.

With Thrivent Choice, you can recommend where some of Thrivent Financials’ charitable outreach funds go. Since 2010, more than $330 million has been distributed to churches and nonprofits nationwide.

Please consider directing some of your charitable funding to Prairie Harvest Mental Health.

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