Extended Services

Why are Extended Services Needed?
People in North Dakota are valued for the work they do. People with disabilities traditionally have been left out of the work force. Extended Services is based on the premise that work should be accessible to everyone, regardless of disability. It offers a vocational solution for many individuals who were, in the past, considered unemployable. Extended Services is a concept that allows all persons with disabilities to work in the community and to ensure that the employer and the employee receive the assistance and support necessary for this to happen.

How Do Extended Services Work?
Extended Services match competent workers with available jobs in the community. Services include a careful matching of worker abilities and interests with specific job requirements. Specialized training is provided to the new employee at the job site by an Employment Training Specialist and follow-up services are available for as long as the worker is employed.

Who Will Benefit From Extended Services?

Will gain a conscientious, punctual, competent worker.
Will receive free screening & training of supported employment workers
Will receive an opportunity for tax incentives.
Will reach equal opportunity affirmative action goals and positive public image.

Will gain increased self-esteem and a sense of fulfillment.
Will gain structure to their daily lives.
Will gain greater financial security.
Will have increased involvement in the community.

Our Community:
Will have tax dollars redirected to independence and productivity.
Will enhance rights & roles of all people.
Will expand the number of people looking for entry level positions.

What Does Extended Services Involve?
Job Placement – Qualified individuals are assisted in locating available jobs in the community. Many factors are considered when an individual is matched to a position such as:
* Job Duties
* Job Locations & Work Hours
* Transportation Available to the Worker
* Worker’s Skills & Interests
* Employer Expectations
Job Training – There is no cost to the company. If needed an Employment Training Specialist provides the new employee with one-on-one training and support at the job site. This on-site assistance is reduced as the employee becomes proficient in completing the job to company standards.
Ongoing Support – The employee’s work performance is monitored by the Employment Training Specialist for as long as the individual is employed. Additional training or support, if needed, will be provided at any time.