Rehabilitative Services

Rehabilitative services include medical or remedial services that are recommended by a physician or other licensed practitioner of the healing arts within their scope of practice according to state law for maximum reduction of physical or mental disability and restoration of a member to their best possible functional level.

  • Behavioral Intervention Services
    • Behavioral intervention is a service to identify responsive actions by an individual to stimuli and to develop and facilitate the implementation of an intervention regimen that will reduce, modify, or eliminate undesirable responses.  This intervention is a comprehensive rehabilitative service that trains new positive behaviors to replace unwanted behavior through positive reinforcement of the desired behavior (i.e., reducing anxiety through deep breathing, reducing self-harm behavior by reinforcing replacement behavior).
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Skills Restoration
    • Skills restoration is a time-limited services that assists an individual with restoring needed and desired skills such as daily living/independent living skills to improve the individual’s behavioral health diagnoses and symptoms to meet rehabilitation goals.
  • Skills Integration
    • Skills Integration is a service designed to support an individual in the community in their efforts to apply and integrate those life skills that have been learned in their therapy programs.  The individual typically requires support for cueing/modeling of appropriate behavioral and life skills in order to maximize their skills and prevent need for higher levels of care.