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Peer Supportive Housing

Harvest Lodge

5452 6th Avenue North

Grand Forks, ND 58203-2643


PRAC (Project Rental Assistance Contract)


Harvest Lodge is a HUD 811 PRAC (project rental assistance contract) which is like a project-based voucher that is managed by Housing and is an affordable residence for individuals with serious mental illness. Staff presence at Harvest Lodge is minimal and employment is a requirement. Harvest Lodge was opened in 2002 to supplement Prairie Harvest Mental Health’s already growing permanent supportive living housing choices.


Harvest Lodge consists of 6 individual bedrooms on two floors and a shared kitchen, living room and laundry areas. Stairs are the only way to navigate between the two floors. This residence was made available to Prairie Harvest Mental Health through a HUD grant. Since Harvest Lodge is a project-based housing option, the voucher remains with the property and Harvest Lodge property, maintenance and waiting list is managed by Housing.


Prairie Harvest Mental Health provides support with Case Management, nursing, activities of daily living, employment, and groups.


Harvest Lodge follows the Fairweather Lodge Model, a national model developed by Dr. George Fairweather for adults with serious mental illness. The philosophy driving this model is that people who live together and work together can more easily recover and find stability with support from their peers.

Harvest Lodge is suited for those individuals who are capable of working and living together with minimal staff support. Support services are available on a limited basis. The Lodge resembles a family with each member contributing to the maintenance and care of the house and each other. Members share in managing the home, including domestic chores and the purchase and preparation of food. Members may also, prior to placement on the waiting list, approve who is accepted to live at the lodge by way of majority rules decision-making. Lodge fees assessed toward all tenants pay for groceries, cable, newspaper, and other amenities.   

PRAC HUD project-based – assistance remains with the apartment.

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